St Luke's hospital is a multispecialty facility estabilished in 2000 with its location at Bystrzanska Street. Since 2011 we have been performing specialist medical procedures within inpatient and outpatient care, providing our patients with the highest quality of treatment.Our facility has gained its reputation as well as patients' confidence throughout an experienced and dedicated team of specialists who offer their expert knowledge and superb assistance. The facility offers a wide range of medical services which involve orthopedics, sports medicine, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, general surgery, vascular oncology, maxillofacial surgery, dentistry, opthalmology and many others.


Our team of doctors is composed of experienced specialists who do their job with passion and commitment. Thanks to a constant increase of qualifications, with the help of diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities, our team has received many scientific achievements. We run numerous medical training programmes for specialists from Poland and other countries. In 2011, we built a modern facility that meets the latest standards of healthcare allowing us to provide medical services at the highest level. We equipped the facility with the state of the art medical devices to satisfy all needs of our patients. Our new facility also offers an orthopedic supply store, optical service, a pharmacy and a café.

The clinic has an excellent medical staff with leading specialists who do their job with passion and commitment. Our physisians constantly extend their current qualifications (on the basis of the diagnostics and rehabilitation facilities), which makes them successful in the medical science. Our achievements have prompted us to start teaching courses in medical science at our hospital.

We conduct and promote many training courses for doctors from Poland and abroad mostly around minimal invasive orthopedics surgery. Our hospital has received accreditations from Ministry of Health for conducting specialized courses in orthopedics and traumatology.

We do invite all interested in expanding their knowledge and medical practice in the field of up-to-date arthroscopic techniques used in orthopedics.

Our hospital was estabilished in 2000 with its location at Bystrzańska Street. Since then we have performed more than 25,000 specialist surgeries. It has successfully enhanced its reputation through dedicated work of many high-end specialist, who deal with the treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases concerning orthopedics, sports medicine, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, general, vascular, oncology and maxillo-facial surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology and many others.The hospital met all the quality requirements – received the EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems.

St.Luke Clinic belongs to a group of dynamically developing medical centers in Podbeskidzie.

One of main activities of St.Luke Clinic is wide range of Pro-health education. Thanks to constant cooperation with GOPR (Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service), organizing conferences entitled”How to safely practice sports?”-  directed at local communities, and our presence at many sports events in Podbeskidzie, we can actively achieve our mission for promoting healthy life style.

According to Quality Policy, St. Luke Clinic commits to constant development of quality of service it provides and adjustment of the service according to the requirements and expectations from patients and partners. If you would like to join our team, please visit our page “work and career” to submit your application.

We strive to ensure that use of our facilities is easy and comfortable for our Patients. Establishing cooperation with partners in individual insurance and crediting (financing) of medical services, lets you adjust the right way of financing your health benefits. Initiating and concluding formal agreements with partners on many levels, St.Luke Clinic aims at direct transfer of their actions into our receivers’ happiness.

We invite you to cooperation!!

    Szpital św. Łukasza BGL sp. z o.o. S.K.A.

    43-309 Bielsko-Biała,
    ul. Bystrzańska 94 B

    Sąd Rejonowy w Bielsku-Białej VIII Wydział Gospodarczy
    KRS: 0000447746
    NIP: 5472145493
    Capital:8 372 524,00 PLN, fully paid up.




    +48 33 815 11 13, +48 33 819 9510

    Izba przyjęć +48 33 819 95 23
    Planning procedures

    +48 33 819 95 24

    Office of the Board

    +48 33 819 95 30, +48 512 970 570

    +48 33 819 95 36

    Branch +48 33 819 95 25

    Rehabilitation+48 33 819 95 20, +48 600 853 818

    Mental Health Clinic, Department of Psychiatry Daily +48 33 819 95 61

    Private Outpatient Traumatic +48 600 086 803

    In the days off from work on call by phone +48 660 687 940

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